SAUL DANIEL Vintage skateboard deck reproductions and restorations. Also paintings and drawings.
Sci-fi and fantasy: 1999 - 2005 

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The main motivation for these Sci-fi/fantasy pictures was a phase I went through in wanting to fulfil a childhood aspiration.
As a kid growing up in the 1970s I was highly impressed by the work of British Sci-Fi/fantasy illustrators of the time whose work I'd see on paperback covers.In fact it was the earliest I could remember in wanting to be an artist of some sort in wanting to emulate the work of such artists.
In having acquired an airbrush I was in a position to be able to go ahead in fulfilling this childhood aspiration of mine.For me personally I regard British Sci-Fi illustration of the 1970s as the 'Golden Age' of Sci-Fi illustration and I am a collector of book covers from around that decade that feature the work of illustrators I admire such as Chris Foss,Bruce Pennington,Ian Miller and David Pelham. 

Aurora (2001)

Excavated Landscape (2004)

Alien World With Two Moons (2003)

Alien Sea (2003)

Alien City (2002)

Figure In An Alien City (2002)

Alien Planet Dusk (2001)

Alien World At Night (2002)

Starships In A Green Void (2001)

Futuristic City (2001)

Alien Planet (2000)

The Drought (2000)

The Voices Of Time (2000)

Vermillion Sands (2000)

The Drowned World (2000)

Winter World (2000)

Alien Structure (1999)