SAUL DANIEL Vintage skateboard deck reproductions and restorations. Also paintings and drawings.
Oil paintings: 1994 - 1997 

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I began to teach myself to paint in oils in 1992 and these paintings reflect the influence at the time in the ideas and imagery of the novelist J.G. Ballard,amongst others,from the point of view of taking a 'surrealist and poetic' view of the modern world.
Although I regard oil painting as the 'best' painting medium it is one that has long since fallen out of favour with me.I think it was mainly the time-consuming nature of the technique I employed for these paintings as well as the slow drying properties of oils.Typically an oil painting on canvas would take at least 6-8 weeks to complete.Then there was the storage problem that resulted as the canvases built up.I eventually preferred painting mediums that were not so time consuming or created a storage problem.I think though mainly my ideas and themes moved away from those expressed in my oil paintings.

Kamikaze Pin Up (1997)

Woman in a European room (1996)

The Aesthetic Abbatoir (1996)

End Of The Century (1995)

Commercial Lattitudes (1995)

The Flowers Of Desire (1994)