SAUL DANIEL Vintage skateboard deck reproductions and restorations. Also paintings and drawings.
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Welcome to my website. 

Wanted: Vintage collectable decks in need of restoration manufactured with materials I cannot reproduce, eg: wood laminate such as a Sims Taperkick, Yorkite/Bonite,( Kryptonics K Beam, Muir Triplane).

There are larger and a wider variety of images of my work to be found elsewhere online, just Google 'fuzzstatik', you'll find them.

Commissions: Please note I am no longer accepting any commissions until further notice as I want to take time out to work on other things, bearing in mind I do this in my free time.

For sale: Z Pig Lite Lam reproduction decks.
Z Pig model: 200.00
Dennis Agnew model: 225.00
George Wilson model: 200.00
Only one of each available.











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